West Summit Neighborhood Advisory Council

The St. Paul City Council established the West Summit Neighborhood Advisory Council (WSNAC) in August 2004 to collaborate on issues of interest to the University of St. Thomas and the St. Paul residential neighborhoods that surround it.

The WSNAC mission is: “As charged by the St. Paul City Council, the West Summit Neighborhood Advisory Council will bring together neighbors, neighborhood organizations, the University of St. Thomas and city government to collaborate on issues of mutual interest, provide a forum for communications, and create a stronger and more vibrant community.”


Neighborhood members (8 members)

Noelle Jacquet-Morrison, co-chair, representing Union Park District Council (UPDC)

Katherine Cairns, representing Summit Avenue Residential Preservation Association (SARPA)

Tom Dietsche, representing Macalester-Groveland Community Council (MGCC)

Marc Manderscheid, representing MGCC

Henry Parker, representing UPDC

Alyssa Rebensdorf, representing Neighbors United (plus an open seat)

Ryan Schoenecker, representing SARPA


University of St. Thomas members (4 members)

Joey Brueggemeier '24, Undergraduate Student Government, and Peter Shaffer '23, USG (two neighborhood senators, one vote)

Josh Hengemuhle, co-chair, assistant dean of students

Amy McDonough, chief of staff

Open seat in Neighborhood Relations


Ex-Officio (non-voting) members

Mitra Jalali, Ward 4, St. Paul City Council

Josh Williams, Planning and Economic Development, City of Saint Paul




Upcoming Events

A  listing of WSNAC committee meetings and other university events can be found in the Upcoming Events section on the Neighborhood Relations website.